Hire Terms and Conditions

All hire contracts stay as hired unless specifically advised by the customer. A conversion to purchase will only occur on notification by the customer, and a specific purchase invoice will be sent to replace the hire contract. Any offer of hire credit by RFH will need to be accepted within 14 days. Whilst we can generally offer 100% of hire fees paid within the first 6 weeks of hire, this percentage does drop over time due to international purchasing requirements. Please ask your local branch for an exact hire value off a purchase based on your machine and length of hire.

General Terms and conditions.
1/The hirer will be responsible for notifying the owner when the hirer wishes to return the machine after the initial hire term as per this contract..

2/ All equipment used is at the hirer’s own risk. The hirer shall not have any personal claim against the owner for loss or personal injury suffered by the hirer as a result by either the use of the equipment or by any other means.

3/ Hirer assumes all responsibility for the equipment while out of the possession of the owner. Conditions that prevent unsatisfactory operation of the equipment that is not made aware to the owner, do not relieve the hirer of the responsibility for rental charges

4/ As the owner exercises precaution in keeping our equipment in good condition, the hirer will undertake to return the equipment in the same condition as it was at the effective date of hire. Normal wear and tear are expected and accepted by the owner.

5/ Hirer shall be liable for any loss, theft, damage, or destruction of the hired property regardless of who uses the equipment. All equipment lost or damaged beyond repair shall be paid for by the hirer at the regular replacement price, all damaged equipment which may be repaired will be repaired by the owner and the hirer is liable for the cost of such repairs.

6/ Scheduled rental rates begin when the hirer takes possession of the equipment and ends when the equipment is returned to the owner’s possession.

7/ The hire contract will automatically extend at the same ongoing rate until the hirer contacts the owner with at least one week's notice to arrange the return of the equipment.

8/ All payments due after the initial hire term are the full responsibility of the hirer.

9/ I agree that all charges for rental and damage to equipment hired by me will be paid by me. I also agree to pay the cost of any collection fees, legal fees, court costs, or any other fee or expense involved in the collection of charges owed by me. In the case of any unpaid hire fees outstanding for longer than 14 days during the hire period and or after the return of the hire equipment, I authorise Rutherford Fitness Hire to charge the outstanding amount to my credit card as listed below.

10/All payments due after the initial hire term are the full responsibility of the hirer. Any scheduled payments missed by the hirer will incur a $10.00 transaction fee.

11/ If the hirer or equipment moves address during the term, Rutherford Fitness is to be notified in advance. Assistance with shifting heavy units can be provided and is recommended as the hirer will be liable for any damage to the unit. There will be a charge where Rutherford Fitness assists with relocation.

WARNING: Before using any fitness equipment, or starting any programs of strenuous exercise, please consult your physician.

“Just like to thank you guys for the awesome service provided, and how easy it was dealing with you. Nothing was a problem, and will have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone.”A Paul, Palmerston North