How we work

We are your fitness hire specialists!  The entire process is extremely easy and hassle free ( YES truly!). Once you have decided which machine you're after, the equipment is delivered by us into your home fully assembled ready to use. There is no up-front fee or bond.  Payments can be made by weekly or fortnightly directly from your credit or debit card via secure DPS so it's nice and easy. You are in full control of the payments. Once you have the machine you can hire it for as long as it suits you. It will stay at the special hire rate until you want to purchase or return it.

I thought you might like hearing that because of the treadmill I have lost 8kg so far and almost at my goal weight! I am super excited about it. It has been a godsend, too difficult to walk elsewhere when I have two young kids to consider. Kathleen F, Hawera

What will exercise do for me?

Exercise regulates your weight. Exercise combats health conditions and diseases. It reduces the risk of heart disease, developing diabetes and high blood pressure. Exercise improves your mood and can help anxiety and depression. It improves your energy levels. It boosts bone mass. Helps back pain. With blood and oxygen circulating round your body, you’ll feel better, look better and be much more healthy.  And this is just the beginning… How do I know what equipment is best for me? We will have an in-depth conversation with you to identify exactly what will suit best.  Our knowledge and experience identify precisely what will get the optimal results for you.  We know the important questions to ask! Everyone has different needs and we want you to get the best out of your equipment. Why use fitness equipment at home rather than going to the gym? Convenience!  You’re more likely to exercise if it’s easy….and what could be easier than the equipment ready to use at any time that suits you?  You don’t even have to get dressed up.

Can I buy my machine outright

You can hire and then buy from us (we even refund some of the rental cost if you decide to buy your equipment:

Buy within first 4 weeks = 100% of hire fees paid come off the purchase price.
Buy anytime up to 26 weeks = 50% of hire fees paid come off the purchase price.
Buy anytime after 26 weeks = 13 weeks maximum hire fees paid come off the purchase price and or by negotiation.

We also have an in-house service department to keep machines in tip top shape.  Unlike other companies, Rutherford Fitness Hire, do all our own servicing and maintenance so you won’t have an outside agent coming to your house.

What will be the best machine for me?

Depending on your exact needs we will have the right machine for you. Whether it's for rehab, general fitness or weight management we can guide you in the right direction. We recommend if you have used a particular type of machine that you have enjoyed previously to stick with it, if you like walking on a treadmill then don't change to an exercycle. If it's specifically for rehab we can advise you on the best options. Talk to one of our experts today to help you make the right choice.

How quickly can you deliver?

Depending on your exact location, we can usually have something out to you within a couple of days. You certainly don't have to wait weeks! We will deliver the machine fully assembled ready to go. Please let us know if you have loads of stairs or difficult angles getting into your house.

“Having a treadmill has changed my life. In the 26 weeks I have had it I have lost 19kgs. It's my new friend, I walk for 1 hour, twice daily, 6 days a week. It took me a few weeks to build up to this, sometimes I now even jog.Using this time to think, plan or reflect as I'm striding it out, with the radio blearing! The beauty of having a machine at home is I can use it at a time to suit me, no matter what the weather.Quentin's service is so good that I have recommended 3 friends to Rutherford Fitness Hire. It's so good to be able to hire the equipment so you can decide whether you will use it or not. I'm about to buy a treadmill from them, as I can't imagine life without one.” Noelz, Hawkes Bay.