About Us

Rutherford Fitness Hire & Sales are the only dedicated hire fitness company in New Zealand. Our experienced and knowledgeable teams throughout the country offer you unsurpassed, personalized service. 

Rutherford’s Managing Director, Croydon Rutherford, began the company over 20 years ago when he identified a need for individuals to be able to exercise in the comfort, safety and convenience of their own home. Croydon has been in the fitness industry for over 30 years. He has played Badminton for New Zealand, rep tennis for Manawatu and still enjoys playing squash on a regular basis and is a keen golfer when time permits. Croydon is fully aware of the benefits being active brings. 

All of Rutherford's equipment is hand picked by Croydon to suit the average New Zealand user and to handle the rigors of being hired out. We do not sell basic low level, low spec machines that you see being sold cheap on the internet. Yes there is a difference in quality and performance of different machines. 

The best thing about hiring is that you don't have to commit to buying something. You can try it out first to make sure you're going to firstly use it, and then also to see if you actually like that particular machine. At the end of the day if you don't end up using it or liking it you can return it and you haven't paid hundreds or thousands for something you don't want. Plus if you do fall in love with your machine you can buy it and we give you some of your hire money off the purchase price and then we also offer interest free terms. So you basically can't lose from trying before you buy. 

At Rutherford's we back up our machines with warranties, and our in house service team are here to help if the need arises. No internet selling company can help you with an issue as fast and as reliable as we can! All of our machines are delivered 100% fully assembled ready to go. We don't want the customer having the hassle and frustration of assembling a machine before they can use it. You wont get that service off the internet! Rutherford Fitness Hire & Sales are Your Fitness Hire Specialists. 

“Just like to thank you guys for the awesome service provided, and how easy it was dealing with you. Nothing was a problem, and will have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone.”A Paul, Palmerston North