Motorised Treadmills - Treadmills are one of the best pieces of fitness equipment you can have. Treadmills are suitable for walking, jogging or full running, perfect fitness machines to have at home and very easy to use.
For general health and well-being doctors advise using treadmills daily as these machines will increase cardio and burn calories and in doing so you will lose weight.
We only stock motorised Treadmills as these are much easier to use than manual treadmills.
Here at Rutherford Fitness Hire & Sales you can hire or rent to buy. We suggest to hire or rent the equipment first, then if you're happy with the machine you can purchase it outright - with no extra forms, fees or finance companies to deal with.
Try before you buy - thats home fitness made easy!

Here at Rutherford Fitness Hire & Sales we have the best purchase options in New Zealand. Hire first and then if you decide to buy you can pay it off at the same weekly hire rate, with no bond, no interest and no monthly account fees.
Buying fitness equipment couldn't be any easier!
We supply quality fitness machines, hand picked for the New Zealand market. We don't cut corners on quality. We provide warranties for all equipment and we service all our own machines on site. We do not contract out to service agents.
We want you back working out happily on your fitness equipment as soon as possible.
We cover  Auckland, Bay of Plenty, Waikato, Hawkes Bay, Taranaki , Manawatu, Wellington/Wairarapa, Nelson, Marlborough, West Coast and Canterbury.


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